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dB Nations main goal has been to provide affordable, commercial quality recordings and productions as well as working towards rebuilding and strengthening our local music community. Since our inception we've hosted multiple networking events, jam sessions, battle of the bands, open mics and more. Our team has always felt that local singer/songwriters, solo artists and musicians have had it tough enough on their own.  We wanted to create an atmosphere that allowed creativity to flow, face to face networking to happen and provide a free outlet for beginners and seasoned talent to work together and grow. With all this in mind we started the OAK WYLDE SESSIONS. OW is our free monthly event (every third Saturday) that hosts a myriad of different artists and producers working together to create a collection of incredible original songs.  Over the last nine months OW has grown exponentially, with one simple question asked more than any other. HOW DO WE GET MORE OF THIS!? We listened and we have an answer. Today we are introducing the dB Nation Membership Program.

The dB Nation Membership will be an ongoing program aimed to provide clients with an all new immersive studio experience with many of the benefits of a record label while keeping you in control. At most studio you show up, work, pay money, leave. We want to change that. This program is dedicated to developing our clients so they leave with a better understanding of production, the recording and mixing process as well as the music industry itself. We've meticulously reworked the pricing and benefits until we felt our members were getting the absolute most out of this program.

WHat's included

  • Discounted Studio Rates - Any session, any day, any time. That's right! You will receive pricing below our friends and family rate. B room rates starting at $15/hr and A room rates between $25-$35/hr.

  • Private Oak Wylde Session - Once a month we'll be providing a private, more focused OW session for our members only.

  • Monthly Industry Meetup - Aside from Oak Wylde we will also be providing a monthly 2 hour meet-up with a specific focus on the music industry. (distribution, marketing, commercial licensing, touring etc) 

  • Exclusive Productions - You'll have your pick at our library of $150-$250 EXCLUSIVE beats from over a dozen local, national and international producers. (Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, Pop and Indie)

  • Sample Packs - Once every billing cycle receive our quarterly sample pack for FREE.

  • Flat rate Single and Video Package - We'll handle your entire single release. Includes: Custom song production, recording, mixing, mastering, music video, artwork, and promotion/marketing plan. Starting at $750. (Normally $1150)

  • Reduced Rate Rehearsals - 25% off all rehearsal space use.

  • Member Movie Nights - Get free access to our music themed movie nights. Once a month dB will host a late night double feature. Sit on a comfy couch while munching on free popcorn while enjoying our huge projection screen and theater like sound system.

  • Member Support - All members will have access to our dB support system. Do you need a live musician for a gig? Have questions on distribution? Looking for album artwork? Questions on how to get that damn kick drum to work with the 808? Send a message to our member support systems and we'll do our absolute best to provide you with access to all the information, artists, networks and knowledge we have. 

  • Member Spotlight - Every two weeks we will choose a member to add to our member spotlight.  We'll create a video spotlight profile on you as an artist/producer that will be blasted on our social media network, added to our newsletter and website as well as available for you to use at your own discretion.

  • MORE COMING SOON - If all this wasn't enough, we have even more rolling out in the near future (Exclusive swag, membership wall in the studio, custom song production discounts, guest speaking events, social media marketing and promotion benefits and more!)


  1. Fill out an application here - MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

  2. Select your ideal subscription length.

  3. If your application is accepted you will receive an email with further instructions and our membership contract.

  4. Subscriptions will begin on the 1st or the 15th. ( Rounded up so you may get a few free days)

  5. Member will receive an orientation package with all your member information, private 3 month calendar with our event dates and access to the dB support system.

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